Women’s Volleyball

The connection between the Slovenian community and their love of sports was established many years ago when the Slovenian Sports Club of Toronto was born in 1961, consisting of men’s hockey, soccer and handball teams.  It wasn’t until 1973 that this men’s club welcomed it’s first women’s volleyball team, which successfully competed for over 30 years.

There were various names and faces which changed over time, forging many new friendships and bonds.  A core group of veteran players reinforced the strength of the team, by recruiting skilled, young players to keep the competitive edge alive.  Unfortunately in the last couple of years, the team no longer registered with the Ontario Volleyball Association as many players had other commitments.  However, they still continued to meet up whenever possible to keep their skills sharp.  A resurgence of interest was sparked this past year, giving birth to a new generation of young volleyball players, many who grew up watching their own mothers play.  The plan to recreate a competitive women’s volleyball team was set in motion when Jani Pusic approached Nadia Ferkul, strongly encouraging the formation of a new team.  As word spread, the response from Slovenian, female athletes was extremely positive and enthusiastic.  The team was completed with the recruitment of two coaches, Bobby Ulcar and Luch Miranda, who debuted the new team in a series of tournaments during the 2008/2009 season.  It was a rebuilding season; filled with intense workouts, skills-training and positional work; and in true Slovenian spirit, it was also a great opportunity to socialize and have fun.  The team continues to practice on Tuesday nights at Michael Power/St. Joseph’s, just as they did in the past.  We hope to continue the tradition for many years to come.  Thanks to everyone who has shown their support toward the continued development of our Women’s SSC Volleyball team – Zabi!


SSC Women’s Volleyball 2009-2010 Roster (in alphabetical order):

  • Carla Ferkul
  • Lisa Ferkul
  • Maya Ferkul (Captain)
  • Nadia Ferkul
  • Stephanie Ferkul
  • Amanda Krmelj
  • Kristina Krmelj
  • Tania Lamovsek
  • Laura Murphy
  • Michelle Stajan (Assistant Captain)
  • Laurie Ulcar
  • Stephanie Ulcar

SSC Women’s Volleyball 2009-2010 Coaches (in alphabetical order):

  • Luch Miranda
  • Bobby Ulcar

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